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a note on continuity
I try to keep to Young Justice (Earth-16) continuity as much as I can, but occasionally I will reference things that have happened in New Earth continuity, assuming that they may have also happened in the Earth-16 universe. I will try not to contradict the already established continuity (based on the events of the animated series, the tie-in comics, and the Ask Greg archives), but it might happen if new information comes along after I've already referenced something.

For example: Wally's birthday in Young Justice canon is November 11, but before we knew this, we'd already established that date as Dick's birthday (based on comic canon, November 11 is one of Dick's possible birthdays), so in Route canon, Wally's birthday is January 16 (what I assumed it would be based on this calendar).

( ⚡ ) He always carries his goggles—they're kind of like his security blanket.
( ⚡ ) He's left-handed, and has unbelievably shitty handwriting.
( ⚡ ) He has a tendency to talk really fast when he gets excited/nervous/scared/upset.
( ⚡ ) His favorite scientific subjects include theoretical physics, biochem, organic chemistry, and astrophysics.
( ⚡ ) His favorite element is carbon.
( ⚡ ) His favorite snack is cheesy poofs, with Chicken Whizees coming in at a close second.
( ⚡ ) He's a pretty big gamer—he owns pretty much every console and mostly plays Sonic games and shooters (he's big into stuff like Mass Effect), various MMOs, and tabletop roleplays when he can (does this more in college).
( ⚡ ) He is a master button masher when it comes to fighting games. PROTIP: DO NOT LET HIM NEAR BRAWL OR SOUL CALIBUR.
( ⚡ ) He's a Tetris master.
( ⚡ ) He's not-so-secretly a Trekkie—he owns the entire original series and Next Gen, an "authentic" Star Fleet uniform, a model of the Enterprise, and a bunch of other memorabilia that's probably horrendously nerdy but he is not ashamed to have.
( ⚡ ) He knows conversational Vulcan, Klingon, and probably some Elvish. (And yet he's nearly failing high school Latin...)
( ⚡ ) He does a mean Chewbacca impression.
( ⚡ ) He was bullied in elementary school because he was a science geek and smarter than most of the other kids. It only made it worse that he was the awkward ginger kid with freckles. (One day I'll write a more in depth analysis of Wally's self-esteem and self-image okok.)
( ⚡ ) His mom got him really interested in science because she forced him to do the science fair when he was six. He didn't want to do it at first because he thought science was for losers, but he got really into it and never stopped loving it.
( ⚡ ) He's won almost every science fair since kindergarten at the individual school level and has won several district, regional, and national science fair trophies since then.
( ⚡ ) He had an imaginary best friend in elementary school named Marty, named after Marty from Back to the Future because he's obsessed with those movies. (Michael J. Fox is his true hero okay.)
( ⚡ ) He's definitely a little sapiosexual—intelligence kind of turns him on, but he doesn't exactly realize that yet and just chocks it up to fanboying.
( ⚡ ) Xenophilia. It's a thing. (HELLO MEGAN. And Conner.)
( ⚡ ) Is a great cook—after all, it's just chemistry with food. However, he denies his culinary prowess vehemently and still prefers others' cooking to his. He also usually refuses to eat his own cooking since he tends to only cook for other people and not himself.
( ⚡ ) He's messy and disorganized, but in the "there's a method to my madness" sort of way.
( ⚡ ) He has a pet turtle named Velocity (shamelessly stolen from the fic Sacred).
( ⚡ ) He fixes motorcycles with his dad because it's the only thing his dad really gets (all the science/geek stuff goes straight over Rudy's head). This is one of the activities he engages in without the aid of superspeed. (He's also pretty good with cars. If he had to pursue any other field that isn't a science, he'd study auto mechanics.)
( ⚡ ) He loves Disney movies (but come on, who doesn't?)—The Lion King is his favorite, but he has a very strong fondness for The Emperor's New Groove and WALL-E, even though that's Pixar.
( ⚡ ) He's basically tone deaf and sings terribly off-key.
( ⚡ ) But he plays a mean harmonica.
( ⚡ ) He kinda has "Marty McFly Syndrome." That is: NOBODY. CALLS HIM. CHICKEN. (Or wuss, for that matter.) He'll punch your light out. It's the one taunt he almost always rises to.
( ⚡ ) Picnics are like his favorite thing ever. If he really likes you, he will take you on one. This is also a thing he does regularly with Barry and Iris when he goes to stay with them on weekends.
( ⚡ ) When he gets bored in class, he doodles strands of DNA instead of those weird S things (you know what I'm talking about).
( ⚡ ) He's a biter. Yeah.
( ⚡ ) He nearly ran into Batman the first time he met the Dynamic Duo.
( ⚡ ) He TAs freshman level chemistry classes in college. His professors are always so impressed by how quickly he grades papers...
( ⚡ ) He interns at the STAR Labs San Francisco division his junior/senior years of college.

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