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Name: Miyou
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Current Characters in Route: N/A

Name: Wally West (Kid Flash)
Series: Young Justice
Timeline: post-"Bereft" (1x09)
Canon Resource Links: Young Justice Wiki

Personality: Wally, first and foremost, is a superhero. This means he actively commits his life to justice whether he has his powers or not and has a strong sense of what is right and wrong. He risks his life for people every day and is proud to do so. Helping people fills Wally's life with the excitement he needs and craves, because he is easily bored otherwise. When he isn't with his team, it is hard for him to pay attention, especially in school. This is partly due to the fact that time passes much slower for speedsters, and partly because Wally is much smarter than he acts: he has a naturally high IQ, and is especially interested in the sciences (which is how he got his powers in the first place, by re-creating the experiment that gave Barry Allen, The Flash, his powers).

Because Wally is a speedster, he is very impulsive, and often speaks his mind or acts without thinking about the consequences. He also just talks a lot, and tends to ramble, especially when he's explaining things. His mouth is particularly uncontrollable around females, who he flirts with relentlessly, regardless of whether they seem interested or not—so basically, he's a ginger!Brock. He's constantly trying to impress the ladies (and will go to great lengths to do so, like pretending to believe in magic when he most definitely does not), gives them nicknames ("Megalicious" for example), and even if a girl seems slightly repulsed by or indifferent to his advances, he continues flirts with them anyway. This usually gets him in trouble with Robin, who tends to reminds Wally how forward/rude he's being by hitting him. Wally also tends to respond to Robin's hitting/joking with his infamous, indignant "dude!" Of course, this isn't to say that Wally is a creeper. Sure, he tries a little too hard, but no means no—and in the case of Megan, the main reason Wally continues to flirt with her is because she hasn't rejected him openly or given him any indication that she isn't interested. And while it may seem obvious to everyone else, Wally's obliviousness is simply a product of his naivety.

That said, Wally, as part of the team, is the major source of comic relief because he tends to make jokes or snarky remarks while on the job and off—another product of his impulsiveness. He can be kind of a smart ass, but no one really takes him too seriously, especially Artemis, who just thinks he's full of it (or shit, depending on the context and situation). He's very relaxed with his teammates, even during missions, because he considers them all very good friends—even Artemis, who he bickers with in that unresolved sexual tension sort of way. He doesn't seem to have friends outside of his team, though, but this is probably due to the fact that civilians are liabilities and he doesn't have a whole lot of time for socializing outside of his team. Wally is also the kind of person that relies more on happenstance creating friendships, like two magnets being pulled together because they happened to be close enough. But magnets don't go looking for other magnets of their own accord (besides the fact that they are inanimate), and neither would Wally. If he happened to meet someone somewhere, or someone talked to him, and they had stuff in common, great, but he's not the kind of person who actively seeks out social interaction with others not on his team. Once he has friends, though, they're friends for life, and he does enjoy hanging out with his friends, doing the things that normal teenagers do.

+ Works well with teams/groups
+ Is a science prodigy—type advantages would come naturally to him
+ Strong sense of morality
+ Willing to risk his life for people

+/- Competitive nature. He's a superhero who fights supervillains on a semi-regular basis, so he's got that competitive spirit you need to be able to defeat villains, because all fights with them are really just two-on-one battles and JUSTICE MUST PREVAIL. He also tried to fight Robin for leadership of the team, but eventually backed down when Robin named Kaldur leader. He pushes himself to be better and better, especially in harnessing his powers (he still gets bloody noses when trying to vibrate his molecules through solid matter). He'll get really into battling because he won't have his powers or crimefighting to keep him occupied and entertained.

- Impulsive, and sometimes doesn't think before speaking or acting
- Stubborn, even pig-headed/close-minded, about things he believes in (ex: everything can be explained by science; ie, "Wally uses his understanding of science to control that which he cannot comprehend, acknowledging the existence if magic would be to relinquish the last vestige of that control"; and even though he was briefly Dr. Fate, he still doesn't believe in magic, though he is more open to the possibility of its existence)
- Bored easily, due to the fact that time seems to pass much slower for a speedster; even without his powers, he would be impatient and would want to do things quickly
- His superhero attitude/morals (his oath to never take a human life) can be a weakness in dangerous situations, especially if they involve hostages, and although the chances of that happening in the Pokemon universe are slim, it is still worth mentioning

Pokemon Information
Affiliation: Trainer (red/yellow recolor of Jogger from HeartGold/SoulSilver)
Starter: Elekid (Wally Jr.)
Password: Sunflower Seeds

First Person Sample: [ The Gear turns on, and Wally's voice is a little soft, like someone talking on speaker phone, but is easily audible regardless. ]

Hello and welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first thrilling episode of Chemistry With Wally (that's me)! Today I — [an indignant Ele from Wally Jr.]we will be, uh, re-recreating the most amazing experiment you will never get to witness because it's kind of a top secret family secret and even if I wanted to record it, I unfortunately can't grow extra arms like the beautiful shapeshifting Miss Martian, and Wally Jr. over here almost fried this thing last time...

[ And he's rambling, so Elekid grunts and jolts Wally back on track. Wally sighs like a lovesick puppy, but continues perkily nevertheless. ]

Anyway! This is the experiment that turned me into the one and only Kid Flash! Well, not the only Flash, 'cause there's Uncle Barry—he's The Flash—and Jay Garrick, the, uh, other Flash—well, the first Flash if we're getting technical. And I'm Kid Flash! Except I'm not. Not here, anyway. (Man, I don't know how Rob does it without superpowers...)

So that's what the experiment is for! Wally Jr. will be assisting me by providing the lightning—a key element to the success of the experiment, might I add. So without further ado—

[ There's some faint clinking and pouring and then a grunt of ELEKID and the sound of Elekid's Thunder Shock. Wally has just been doused in electrically charged chemicals. You can probably hear him sizzling right about now. It's a good thing Thunder Shock isn't fatal... ]

Somehow... I don't think it worked...

Third Person Sample: Wally West liked to run. Really fast. Really, really, really fast. That is, until he woke up in PokéLand, or whatever they were calling it. He wasn't even sure how it'd happened. One moment, he was at Mount Justice, about to leave home for dear ole Central City, and the Zeta Beam must have landed him here instead (at least, that's what he was amounting it to—what other explanation could there be?).

And here... well, here seemed to be some version of Earth, although he was pretty sure it wasn't one of the fifty-one other Earths that made up the Multiverse of his own universe: no Superman. Not even Batman, The Flash, The Justice League, anything—anyone. This place didn't seem to have any superheroes running around. It just had a lot of wild creatures... He'd seen a few when he tried to run to the next town, which had been a complete disaster and left him completely out of breath after about thirty seconds, and he hadn't even gone 100 feet. Sure, he was in shape for a speedster, but without his speed, well... he was totally out of shape to be doing any sort of long-distance running.

His—what were they called—pokémon?—didn't seem to appreciate Wally's little sprint, and it was only then that he realized the thing had been following him. Apparently his was an "Elekid," if the only word Wally Jr. could speak was any indication. And it wasn't exactly surprising when it spoke—hello, Gorilla Grodd? This thing could only say its name, so it couldn't possibly be even half as crazy as the rogue ape.

It followed him all the way to his destination, and he actually grew pretty fond of the little guy in all of the five minutes they were together. They even had matching lightning bolts, which was pretty cool. The strange yellow creature, at first glance, looked kind of like a Kid Kid Flash. But that was a mouthful, so Wally decided Wally Jr. was much more fitting. "So," Wally said to Wally Jr., shoving trail mix into his mouth unconsciously. "Can you do anything? Like tricks?" He was apparently supposed to have an adventure with this pokémon thing, so he was hoping it'd at least be interesting. "I can run. Fast. Really fast. Well. Used to, I guess. I'm not sure what happened when I got here, but it's like I lost my speed."


Wally sighed. And he was running low on trail mix. "I don't know why I'm even talking to you, all you say is your name... But I guess if we're supposed to go on an adventure together, we could start finding me some more trail mix—or any kind of snacks, for that matter."

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