chemistryinmotion: (iron)
wally west ( ⚡ ) kid flash ([personal profile] chemistryinmotion) wrote2011-07-17 02:10 am

1.000 mph ⚡ voice/action for new bark town

[The Pokégear turns on and for a while all you can hear is Wally mumbling about Earth-16, a multiverse, and how cool this thing is even if he doesn't know where he is. Suddenly, he realizes the gear has been recording the entire time—]

Uh, hello? Rob, do you read me? Are you getting this? Am I transmitting? Hello? Aqualad, Supey, Artemis, Miss M? Do you read me?

[There's a pause, and Wally tries to telepathically communicate with Miss Martian. He flirts ("Hey beautiful, do you read me?"), yells, and then decides if she was in range, she would have answered by now. That just means, if she is here, of if any of his teammates are here, they're out of range or unconscious—or both.]

If anyone can hear this—Uncle Barry, Batman, The Justice LeagueKid Flash requires immediate assistance. Repeat: Kid Flash requires immediate assistance.

[The audio feed ends. In action, Elekid finally speaks its name, and Wally looks down, paying attention to it for once, not at all phased that the creature just spoke—he's fought Gorilla Grodd, talking animals is nothing new.]

Oh, cool! We match!

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