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( voicemail )

Wally can't come to the D-Terminal right now, so please leave your name and message after the beep and he'll get back to you when he's done being all kissy with Rise or whatever else he's doing!

[ BEEP ]
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Alright kid. I know I was high on painkillers yesterday, but Monodramon was all there, and he saw that whole thing with your girlfriend.

You guys being safe?
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[private voice call]

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Yeah, that's bull.

My parents were both military and it never stopped anyone when I was a teenager.

And, hell, I don't care if you guys have sex. Just don't be a moron about it, you got that?
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[ Rise is preeeeetttyyy quiet for a long minute. She was basically stunned by the voicemail ...

... maybe it was a bad idea to kiss Wally like that in front of Elecmon. Good thing it hadn't been French yet. Back then, she thought it would be much more fun to take him by surprise. ]

We're--we're not kissy all the time! [ Blushing so much. ]
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voice; 1/2

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It's not ... your fault ... [ Well, maybe it kinda is. ]
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... maybe it is a little funny.

But I guess, this means next time we should lock the door?
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Mou! Don't remind me!

Why won't he leave my love life aloneeee?! [ Whining. ]
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I suppose its worth a try ...

I'll tell him. [ She is a little worried tho. How is he at defending himself against a digimon attack? ]
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[ Rise had just talked to Shepard too about a lot of things. She has been a little worried about her being too forward maybe with the costumes and the flirting. But that was what she knew about how to keep guys interested. ]

Hey, Wally! It's me. I got your message. I wanted to talk to you too ...

But you go first.
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[ This was voice, so she was glad he wouldn't be able to see her blushing. ]

I ... wanted to talk to you about that too. I like you a lot! Definitely a lot more than I thought I would ... [ After all, he was so goofy and awkward most of the time. She always imagined her first boyfriend would be 'cool.' He was a goof and a dork but ... the fact that he would still help people even without his powers ... made him cool enough for her.

But Shep said to do it for herself ... when she was ready. ]

I want to ... [ This is the part where she blushes and rambles a lot. ] Kissing you ... well ... kissing you and being around you ... makes me forget myself sometimes and I am curious what it would be like to be with you like that.

But I don't know if I'm ... ready. [ Please don't think she is a sucky girlfriend for saying that. But she also wanted him to know that she has thought about it and it wasn't impossible. ]
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It was overwhelming for me too ... [ And she was really relieved to hear that he didn't hate her. After all, weren't there a lot of stories of girls being pressured by their boyfriends for it?

It was embarrassing to think about. But Shepard was right if they were going to be serious about it, they were going to have to at least be prepared. ]

I guess we could do that ...

... and sure! You can ask me anything ...
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voice; 1/2

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[ She had ... never been asked that question before. ]

I did some modeling before but ... I wasn't that kind of model. I mean ... I did do some gravure shoots in bikinis but never in lingerie ...

Not that I mind wearing it of course!
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It really just depends who I am wearing it for.
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[ And she would be happy to tell him her short history in gravure modeling. And how as an idol, she started quite early doing bikini shoots and had her first photobook pretty early too ... And people wonder why she was bothered about being an idol.

She laughs. ]

You finally admit it. [ Shepard did tell her that he thought about it too when she wore those costumes for him. ]

If it is for you I won't mind. You know that ... I mean ... I like it when you think I am cute ...
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I feel the same way ...

[ She then laughs and blushes. ] Plus, you're the first guy to make me think that being so intelligent was (ooc: such a turn on) so attractive on someone.
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[ Rise didn't usually talk about it. She is a flirt and confident. But this really shook her up. It was great that she could be normal ... yes.

But ... she did miss being an idol as well. The fact that her manager had replaced her back home had affected her more than she was really showing. ]

Hey, Wally? Do you ---

[ Pause. ]

I was wondering ... about something. It's a little silly so you can take your time ... I'll see you soon!
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No. It's okay. If you're busy we can just talk here ...

[ Because she feels that her problem was rather silly in a way. They had bigger problems here after all. Saving this world and Wally probably had his problems too. ]

It's ... I just got off the phone with a friend ... and something he said bothered me a little. That's all.
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[ Maybe she was being a baby, but she did like being spoiled by Wally. The moment she opened the door for Wally, she just hugs him. It was a good thing Lucemon was playing with some of the other digimon.

She stayed like that saying nothing for several moments and then ... ]

Am I ... so replaceable?

Am I ... so like any other girl or idol out there that it is easy to forget and replace me?
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