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—aka a bunch of clarification on canon or stuff that's apparently canon that I may or may not disregard; any commentary by me will be in red and links to the archive question will be provided by ( ⚡ )

( ) He's Protestant Christian of some kind. He likely grew up around the Methodist faith and might share some of their beliefs by proxy, but I doubt he's ever really considered himself a Christian.
( ) He's double majoring in Physics and Chemistry.
( ) His recreation of the Flash experiment didn't work as well as Barry's. It blew up the West garage, and he was nearly killed in the process.
( ) His thinking is pretty much on a par with any non-powered person of similar intelligence - once he gets going, he may "think" faster, but he couldn't read a whole library and retain the information, like Bart did in the comics.
( ) He took advanced classes in high school.
( ) Dick, Wally, Garth, and Donna were all on the team at the same time at some point during the five year timeskip.
( ) He and Artemis have been living together since the start of their sophomore year of college.
( ) They adopted their dog (a pit bull) together.
( ) He remains cautious around Jade, which she finds amusing.
( ) He's the only speedster with a hyperfast metabolism due to the way he acquired his powers.
( ) He can run across water.
( ) Dick told Wally about his past about half a year prior to the start of S1. Bruce and Barry don't know about this.
( ) He addresses Jay and Joan as Uncle Jay and Aunt Joan.
( ) He's known Dick for less than two years at the start of S1.
( ) There is no speedforce on Earth-16.
( ) His strongest science is biology. Apparently.

more to come once I go through more of the archives...

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