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Name:wally west ( ⚡ ) kid flash
Birthdate:Jan 16
Location:Central City, Missouri, United States of America

name: wally west
age: 15
series: young justice (animated)
timeline: "bereft" (1x09)
player: [personal profile] vigilanting
art by: [ profile] uiri

layout (c) [personal profile] refuted

Interests (47):

astrophysics, avogadro's number, bad 80s movies, bad 80s music, bad science puns, biochem, biology, carbon, cheese puffs, chemical equations, chemistry, classic movies, covalent bonds, dick grayson's ass, food, girls, halo, he-man, ladies, m'gann m'orzz, marty mcfly, megan morse, megan's cooking, midori komaki's boobs, miss martian, nachos, new wave, not artemis, not magic, oh did i mention megan, organic chemistry, physics, pi, pie, pizza, pocket dimensions, pop culture, robin's secret identity, running really fast, science, sonic the hedgehog, souvenirs, star trek, synthpop, the flash, things that are edible, women
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