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—aka a bunch of clarification on canon or stuff that's apparently canon that I may or may not disregard; any commentary by me will be in red and links to the archive question will be provided by ( ⚡ )


more to come once I go through more of the archives...

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Backtagging: To infinity and beyond.
Threadjacking: Absolutely.
Fourthwalling: Go for it!
Offensive Subjects: I watch South Park religiously, so I'm no stranger to offensive subjects. Please, be as offensive as your heart desires.


Hugging this character: Absolutely! Wally loves hugs. He'll probably try to hug you at some point.
Kissing this character: Pucker up!
Flirting with this character: Hellooooo nurse!
Fighting with this character: Call him chicken, I dare you.
Injuring this character: Of course, as long as we discuss the details of the severity beforehand. But he's a reckless superhero, he's bound to get himself injured.
Killing this character: Yes, as long as we discuss the details beforehand.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: If Miss M can do it, you can too.

What gets on his good side: Food, hugs, pop culture references (especially Star Trek and Back to the Future references), science bonding, lame jokes...
What gets on his bad side: Obvious villain-types, magic (less so now), harming his friends in any way.

Warnings: Big Damn Hero syndrome, general nerdage, really awful puns...
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a note on continuity
I try to keep to Young Justice (Earth-16) continuity as much as I can, but occasionally I will reference things that have happened in New Earth continuity, assuming that they may have also happened in the Earth-16 universe. I will try not to contradict the already established continuity (based on the events of the animated series, the tie-in comics, and the Ask Greg archives), but it might happen if new information comes along after I've already referenced something.

For example: Wally's birthday in Young Justice canon is November 11, but before we knew this, we'd already established that date as Dick's birthday (based on comic canon, November 11 is one of Dick's possible birthdays), so in Route canon, Wally's birthday is January 16 (what I assumed it would be based on this calendar).

onward! )
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You know the drill: drop me a line if you have any comments about my characterization of Kid Mouth here. Does he talk too much? (Does he not talk enough?) Is the flirting going overboard? Not enough science? Or if my science is completely off, please let me know! (I'm no science expert, so most of my knowledge is coming from Wally talking about science in canon, Wikipedia, the Science Channel, and what little I remember from high school and college.) I am open to any suggestions on how to improve his voice, so please do not hesitate to comment! Also, if you have any questions, feel free to drop them here too.



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