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Hey, dude.

I know we said we'd never abandon each other, that we'd always have each other's backs, and if we were gonna go out, we'd go out together... but I guess I couldn't hold up my end of the deal. Because, well, if you're reading this... you know what that means. I'm probably not in Johto anymore. Or, at least, I hope I'm not. It'd be kind of awkward and defeat the whole purpose of this letter if you're reading it while I'm still here, but anyway, I guess I just wanted you to have this. Something more than just an empty bedroom, a disconnected number, and my Pokemon making sad faces at you. With everything you've gone through here, you deserve at least that.

There's not really anything I can say to make it hurt any less, but you'll be okay. Without me, I mean. You'll hopefully still have Conner and Megan, Katara, Danny, and everyone else, and they'll look out for you. I know you can look out for yourself being a Bat and all, but I needed a lot more looking out for than I realized, so just let them be there for you while I'm gone. No moping. I won't be around for any more 3 AM feelings pow-wows, but I'm sure someone'll be around who wants to listen, if you'll open up to them. Obviously I'm irreplaceable as your best friend and confidant, but that doesn't mean you have to shut everything in, either.

And, just for the record, Katara's a great listener. Maybe Conner and Megan would be better in this situation just because they know both of us better, but I kind of told Katara everything while you were out memory updating. About us. Our whole Johto history, because I needed to tell someone and I didn't have anyone else and I didn't want to risk it making things weird between the team. So she's up to speed, if that's the kind of thing you want or need to talk about...

I know I'll just forget all of this when I go back home, and the Robin there won't really be the same, and all the circumstances that got us to this point and these feelings won't have ever happened, but there won't be a Midori there, either, I won't even know she exists, so... I don't know, maybe things will be different. I can't make any promises, obviously, not knowing what the future holds and all, but even if we don't end up together, you'll always be my best friend. That I can promise.

I mean, I love you, man, and... I hope you can forgive me for disappearing. Not that I really have a choice, but still. It sucks. And this was the only way I could think of to say goodbye. Be strong, dude, you'll pull through. And, who knows, maybe I'll be back one day. You don't wait up for me, though. Go find a nice girl to kiss, you'll probably like it—she definitely will.

Just... be happy.

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[The Gear turns on, and Wally's voice is a little soft, like someone talking on speaker phone, but is easily audible regardless.]

Hello and welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the first thrilling episode of Chemistry With Kid Flash (that's me)! Today I—[an indignant Ele from Wally Jr.]we will be, uh, re-recreating the most amazing experiment you'll never get to witness because it's kind of a top secret family thing and even if I wanted to record it, I unfortunately can't grow extra arms like the beautiful shapeshifting Miss Martian, and Wally Jr. over here almost fried this thing last time...

[And he's rambling, so Wally Jr. grunts and jolts Wally back on track. Wally sighs like a lovesick puppy, but continues perkily nevertheless.]

Anyway! This is the experiment that turned me into the one and only Kid Flash! Well, not the only Flash, 'cause there's The Flash—and Jay Garrick, the, uh, other Flash—well, the first Flash if we're getting technical. And I'm Kid Flash! Except I'm not. Not here, anyway. (I don't know how Rob does it without superpowers...)

So that's what the experiment is for! Wally Jr. will be assisting me by providing the lightning—a key element to the success of the experiment, might I add. So without further ado—

[There's some faint clinking and pouring and then a grunt of ELEKID and the sound of Wally Jr's Thunder Shock along with BOOM! Wally has just been doused in the electrically charged chemicals that caused that pretty big explosion. You can probably hear him sizzling right about now. It's a good thing Thunder Shock isn't fatal... Explosions on the other hand...]

Now... we wait...

[And the transmission cuts off. Yeah, he's unconscious now. All responding tags will be forward-dated to when he regains consciousness.

ooc | I am assuming that all the chemicals needed to do this experiment are fairly common and/or can be found in household items, because Wally was only thirteen when he originally did this and there would have been no way for him to get his hands on uncommon/rare chemicals. He's also very creative, so I'm sure he could improvise and mix things found in Blackthorn if he had to.]


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